Value-Based Care Expert Josh Martin Launches Stout Hill & Company

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New firm delivers consulting and training solutions to healthcare providers wishing to establish their own value-based care capabilities.

Josh Martin, an expert in value-based health care, has launched Stout Hill & Company ("Stout Hill"), a consulting and training firm specializing in value-based payment and care models. The new firm partners with healthcare organizations who wish to build the internal capabilities necessary to be successful in population health and risk-based reimbursement.

"Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, providers have wrestled with whether to partner, outsource, or build their own risk-based capabilities," says Josh Martin, Principal and Founder of Stout Hill & Company. "To truly be successful under these new payment models, providers must own the shift to value.  A value strategy isn't a side project and shouldn't be treated as such — it's a core competency that is key to your organization's future viability.  This means making the right decisions about who you select to run your value business. It also means investing in training and development of your existing leaders into high-performing value-based care executives.”

Stout Hill & Company offers solutions to help providers take ownership of their value-based care strategy. These include short and medium-term strategy activation engagements as well as focused value-based care training and development programs for executive teams and other leaders. For more information, see the company’s website at

About Stout Hill & Company:
Stout Hill & Company is a consulting and training firm specializing in value-based payment and care models. The company was founded in 2017 by Josh Martin. Prior to launching Stout Hill, Mr. Martin held previous roles as Market President for Evolent Health (Arlington, VA), President of Premier Health Plan (Dayton, OH), and Chief Financial Officer for Health Plan Select (Athens, GA).

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